Simplest Due Date Guide — Ever!

No need to do EDD calculations? YES! You don’t have to number crunch. This estimated due date tool is simple but to the point! Use it to put a finger of estimation on your expected baby delivery date (your EDD). That’s it!
HOW to find your Estimated Due Date (EDD)
Simply identify the first day of your last menstrual period, then find your estimated due date right next! Easy.
Alternatively, try Due Date CALCULATOR
Note: EDD is an estimate — actual day of delivery may be a couple of days (even weeks) before or after your EDD. Ensure to closely monitor your specific situation with your care giver.

Estimated Due Date (EDD) Guide_babylovenetwork-1-Jan-Feb

Estimated Due Date (EDD) Guide_babylovenetwork-2-Mar-Apr

Estimated Due Date (EDD) Guide_babylovenetwork-3-May-Jun

Estimated Due Date (EDD) Guide_babylovenetwork-4-Jul-Aug

Estimated Due Date (EDD) Guide_babylovenetwork-5-Sep-Oct

Estimated Due Date (EDD) Guide_babylovenetwork-6-Nov-Dec


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