Baby Birth Date Calculator

Enter the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP) and your email address, then hit CALCULATE NOW to get your EDD. Then check below "CALCULATE NOW" button for your amazing summary! That simple.


An exciting tool for you - so personal!  Use it to estimate your expected baby delivery date (your EDD) as well as discover many other interesting facts about your pregnancy and developing baby!
How does it work?

This amazing pregnancy tool will not only reveal your estimated due date (EDD), but also approximate other important pregnancy milestones such as:

  • When you likely conceived
  • When to expect to hear your baby's first heart beat
  • When to expect your developing baby's first movements
  • When your first trimester will end
  • When your second trimester will end

That's not all! The tool will provide you with useful information on your baby’s development.

Note: EDD is an estimate - your actual day of delivery may be a couple of days (even weeks) before or after your EDD. Ensure to closely monitor your specific situation with your care giver.

In summary, you will likely get a couple of answers to some of your most nudging questions.  Now fill in the tabs below to get instant information about your pregnancy and your baby!


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