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Skin changes – Which symptoms should you ignore?

By Babylove Network | November 1, 2016

A good man is without sin, and a good skin without blemish.” But let’s face it: flawless skin is like a saint on earth, desirable but virtually impossible to acquire. During your pregnancy, hormonal changes will affect every system of your body. Your skin, like any other part, will not be spared. You may develop…


Vaginal examination — What it is and what to expect

By Babylove Network | May 2, 2020

Vaginal examination requires sensitivity Parting her legs to have a vaginal examination is one of the most challenging moments for a woman, especially if it is happening to her for the first time. Considering that it requires you to put aside your privacy for a while and to allow somebody else to ‘intrude,’ a vaginal…


Pregnancy workout routine — be cautious!

By Babylove Network | May 2, 2020

Having a pregnancy workout routine is important. Exercise during pregnancy can turn pregnancy into fun and ease baby delivery. However, you need to be careful to do the right pregnancy exercises. Inappropriate exercises during pregnancy can put you and your baby at risk. It is advisable to talk to your doctor before you start working out.…

Placental insufficiency — The silent unborn baby killer

By Babylove Network | May 2, 2020

Placental insufficiency, also known as uteroplacental vascular insufficiency, is a pregnancy complication in which the placenta fails to transmit enough oxygen and adequate nutrients to the foetus. The placenta therefore is unable to fully support the developing baby. It is hence also referred to as placental dysfunction. In this real-life account of placental insufficiency — the silent unborn baby killer…

Mum is in the toilet — vomiting the baby!

By Babylove Network | May 2, 2020

Episodes of shy and funny pregnancy moments as narrated by mums and dads… ‘Mum is in the toilet… She is vomiting the baby!’ Some weeks back I naively told my five-year old son that ‘mum has a baby in her stomach.’ He has an annoying habit of picking my cellphone when it rings despite my objection. Two…

When you become the “talk of the village”

By Babylove Network | May 2, 2020

Like the forbidden fruit in the days of Eden, your pregnancy is likely to elicit huge interest from friends and foe. What therefore do you do when you find yourself, practically or by your own imagination, on the receiving end from the public? Your pregnancy is now the talk of the village. Even if yours is…

Pregnant househelp – real life experience

By Babylove Network | May 2, 2020

How have you faired in the past as a pregnant househelp? I am one lucky househelp. Virtually all my employers have been very understanding during my pregnancies. I think it is because most of them have been mothers. I vividly remember my young, single, female American employer when I was expecting Ian; my second born.…

What pregnant women want…in their own words

By Babylove Network | May 2, 2020

Pregnant women now tell it all…from their hearts! Many of us are sensitive to scents. One day everything is fine and a few days or weeks after confirming you are pregnant, you suddenly cannot stand the smell of things. I remember clearing all the soap from our house. My husband looks at me like ‘we…

Vaginal examinations — what the nurse told me

By Babylove Network | May 2, 2020

For a first timer like me, it probably comes as a very shy incident when a doctor or other medical professionals request to examine one of the most hidden and guarded parts of your body. The first nurse to request me to do this obviously thought she was ‘examining’ me, but in my mind it was…


What to eat when pregnant – first trimester advice

By Babylove Network | May 2, 2020

What you eat during your pregnancy defines your pregnancy experience! Nutrition in your pregnancy diet plan should be among top priorities. What to eat during your pregnancy for the health and growth of your baby, is about making the right decisions regarding nutrition in your pregnancy diet plan. Nutritional choice in your diet plan is…

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