When your child is neither Boy nor Girl

By Babylove Network | August 8, 2021

All humans are uniquely and differently created. The different facets and spectrums of gender and sexual identity has become an open narrative, given the existence of ambiguous sexual organs from birth. This is a story of the ripple effect of ignoring and neglecting this occurence.

Cancer and children – making their relationship easier

By Babylove Network | August 8, 2021

Cancer happens when a type of cell loses the control of its operations with other cells and grows in a way that the body cannot regulate. Different cancers have different symptoms, treatments, and outcomes, depending on the type of cell involved and the degree of the uncontrolled cell multiplication.The cells growing out of control ignore…

Raising a son as a single dad

By Babylove Network | August 8, 2021

His relationship did not work out but that does not deter him from bringing up his son with the help of family members. Rama Mlambo shares his solo story with BabyLove. First days after delivery I took my partner, Nuru to the hospital and stood by her as she delivered our son, Khatib. That was…

Adoption – Should I Should I Not?

By Babylove Network | August 8, 2021

I was worried for a long time that I was not qualified to parent a little girl………. I am a single young woman. I have decided to adopt a lovely little girl. I made that decision four years ago. But my baby isn’t home yet. Why? Because I am part of a society that believes…

Making adoption the first choice: Busting social myths that keep people from adopting

By Babylove Network | August 8, 2021

My adopted daughter senses who her mum is – and I cannot explain this mystery………… Some years ago in 2012, I adopted my first, and currently my only child. I chose to adopt as a single and young parent (at 28), simply because I felt I had room in my life to give love and…

Child cerebral palsy inspired Susan’s Carevine Daycare

By Babylove Network | August 8, 2021

Susan’s journey of hope – she emerged from utter stress and misplaced hopes to find her calling and live victoriously as a parent facing child cerebral palsy. My name is Susan Njeri. I am many things but most importantly I am a woman, a mother to three wonderful children – Princess, Prince and Parsley – and wife…

Taking care of a hiv-positive baby

By Babylove Network | August 9, 2021

Pediatric AIDS means AIDS in children. It results from infection of a child with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), which develops into full-blown Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). HIV destroys the body’s ability to fight diseases thereby putting the infected person at risk of opportunistic illnesses like tuberculosis, pneumonia, diarrhoea and herpes, which may eventually lead…


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