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Writing a will-the must have content to protect your child

By Babylove Network | August 3, 2021

‘The Kenyan law does not allow you to disinherit (write a will that excludes your child from acquiring your property)’ The discussion about your will mostly makes you feel like someone is walking over your future grave; some cold air at the back of your neck and feelings of vainness about life. Well, as uncomfortable…

The journey begins

By Babylove Network | July 22, 2021

The year is 2007, the day? March 14th, a chilly Wednesday morning, and I am in the waiting room of the maternity wing at Kenyatta National Hospital. ‘Was it this cold when I woke up, or is it all in my mind?’ I think to myself. I can see my brother and my sister’s husband…

Levi – There’s something in a name

By Babylove Network | August 3, 2021

Victoria Kamau agrees with Elizabeth Stone who said, ‘Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body “She tells Baby Love’s Rebecca Njoki more about it. Tough times My nipples flattened after birth. So breastfeeding Levi was a complex affair. But…

Baby and Mummy

By Babylove Network | July 30, 2021

Baby’s list The sages said: ’A new baby is like the beginning of all things—wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.’ No doubt, pregnancy and the eventual birth of your baby bring great delight. However, these require much planning as it is easy to forget some essentials for your child’s comfort and your too. That is…

Postnatal depression signs – what to do

By Babylove Network | June 16, 2021

“Postnatal depression is something no one talked to me about, even though I attended all my antenatal clinics at a reputable hospital,” narrates one mum. “I had also heard of baby blues but I thought it meant an irritable baby.”  Within a few weeks, however, all this would change. She reveals, “A few days after…

Sexually assaulted babies

By Babylove Network | July 22, 2021

Child sexual abuse is still (sadly) a common occurrence. With cases dating back to our childhood as current parents and adults to present child molestation occurrences, these violation cases of our young ones are as heartbreaking as ever. Lessons of understanding on this issues as well as holistic recovery directives are imperative.

The nanny-how you can influence her attitude

By Babylove Network | July 30, 2021

Your visits to the bureaus and the constant telephone calls to your relatives to help you get a house-help have come to an end because you have found a nanny you like. Both of you have ensured all job details have been put in place, an agreeable salary, a range of benefits, operational framework, work…

Making Homemade Baby Food

By Babylove Network | August 3, 2021

Making your own baby food gives you the distinct advantage of controlling what goes into your baby’s sensitive tummy. You determine how much, if any, sugar and spices your baby consumes. Homemade baby food is also the most inexpensive way to go instead of buying ready-made baby food in jars. Making baby food is very…

Obesity – it’s more than being round

By Babylove Network | July 26, 2021

Your child’s body stores unused energy as body fat. To maintain a healthy weight, she needs to use (or ‘burn’) the energy from the foods he eats. If she eats more than she uses, her body will store the extra energy as fat. Too much of this kind of storage makes her overweight/obese. Over-weight attracters…

Keeping your little one safe – Act in time, never sorry later

By Babylove Network | June 29, 2021

In recent times, I have become more conscious of babies and their safety. As a result, I have taken notice of what I would refer to as bizarre behaviour by parents and/or guardians. I was seated in a parking lot at the Nakumatt Prestige on Ngong Road when I saw a man driving with his…