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Overcoming disability to shine – The Glow Stick Experience

Have you ever seen a glow stick? A glow stick is a plastic tube with a glass vial inside it. For the glow stick to work, you have to snap the stick. When you snap the stick you break the glass vial inside. This action allows the chemicals that are inside the glass to react [...]

Cerebral Palsy – Living one day at a time…

My mum had a normal pregnancy. And all was well Until my birth. My mum was mis-diagnosed. And went through prolonged labour. I suffered lack of oxygen. Causing DAMAGE to my brain.

HIV from mum to child

Safeguarding your baby It is a tragedy of immense proportions that thousands of unborn babies-about 40,000 to 50,000-risk being infected with HIV by their mothers every year, according to the Kenya National Aids and Sexually Transmitted Infections Control Programme (NASCOP). The sad thing is that the unborn victims are as innocent as many mothers; most [...]

When your child cannot read

Dyslexia is a condition that is intricate and hard to diagnose without expert help. Even the medical fraternity does not speak with one voice on what dyslexia is. The common definition of what dyslexia is the one given by Worle- Federation of Neurology, which defines it as a reading disability resulting from the inability to [...]

Peanut allergies

Causes and how to handle them It may sound funny. It did to me when I first heard of it. The truth is some people are allergic to peanuts. Their bodies react, sometimes violently, to peanuts or anything that has peanuts as an ingredient; for instance peanut butter or chocolate. It is difficult to avoid peanuts because unlike, [...]

Gifted child – What to do with her

Nobel laureate and author Pearl S. Buck once said, ‘The truly creative minds in any field is no more than this: ….He must create, must pour out creation. By some strange, unknown, inward urgency he is not really alive unless he is creating. ‘ This is one way of identifying a gifted child, who is [...]

Childhood Diabetes

Did you know that children also get diabetes? Childhood diabetes is referred to as Type 1 diabetes. The body has an organ called the pancreas that produces insulin. Insulin is a hormone that ensures that glucose produced from the digested food we eat gets into the cells for growth and energy. When there is a [...]

Autism Mom Diary – Part 2: Useful lessons for an autism mom or dad

“Useful lessons for an autism mom or dad” My son is excited to be amongst people but people are not quite so excited to be around him. I am an autism mom and crowds scare me. Queues simply terrify me. This doesn’t happen to me when I am alone mind you……No. Only when my son [...]

The Autism Test

Autism (let alone an autism test) was not the dream for my handsome little boy I wasn’t always this receptive to speaking about autism or being spoken to about autism – let alone having a child of mine take an autism test.  Autism was definitely not the dream for my handsome little boy when I first [...]

Baby Nadya – My special gift from God

A BabyLove Network Interview with Adam Hussein Adam, Independent Social Development Consultant. BLN: Tell us a little about your daughter? Adam: My daughter’s name is Nadya. She turned 7 years old on 31st March this year. She’s really special and is the most precious thing that ever happened to me. My life has never and [...]

Autism Mom Diary – Part 3: Shopping with your autistic child

Dear Fellow Autism Mum, Shopping with your autistic child. This is from one autism soldier to another… I am writing to let you know that I noticed you in the supermarket today… Am not sure if you saw us – my son and I – but I saw you. I saw you and I saw your child. [...]

Cerebral palsy

To many people, cerebral palsy is ‘the other person’s disease! It rarely crosses many a mother-to-be that the baby they are carrying may end up a victim. Purity Makori did not see it coming. Her pregnancy went without a hitch. But things were to go wrong at the end. ‘I had a prolonged labour. I [...]

Autism—Slow child brain development

A mother’s perspective Akshana Shah can hardly keep her eyes off her son. It is outright that the constant attention shifting to him repeatedly after we exchange greetings is not only that of vigilance and concern, but that of admiration as well. The boy is the centre of her world. ‘When my son, Mikhil Shah, [...]

Cancer and children – making their relationship easier

Cancer happens when a type of cell loses the control of its operations with other cells and grows in a way that the body cannot regulate. Different cancers have different symptoms, treatments, and outcomes, depending on the type of cell involved and the degree of the uncontrolled cell multiplication.The cells growing out of control ignore [...]

When your child is neither Boy nor Girl

All humans are uniquely and differently created. The different facets and spectrums of gender and sexual identity has become an open narrative, given the existence of ambiguous sexual organs from birth. This is a story of the ripple effect of ignoring and neglecting this occurence.

Epilepsy – The seizures can be controlled

Different and unique conditions afflict us as human beings. Some are difficult to grasp, especially when they are lifelong conditions that require complete awareness and specifities to lifestyle change. One example is epilepsy. As parents, we must aquire and understand this neurological condition when it affects our children, and instill tools and mechanisms to cope [...]

Lost autistic child – how to mitigate flight risk

A friend recently posted on Facebook about a scare she had when she could not find her daughter. It was a case of a lost autistic child. “Find her daughter” is putting it lightly; her autistic 6 year old had actually disappeared. Turns out hours later, she had followed some kids home and being non-verbal had [...]

Child cerebral palsy inspired Susan’s Carevine Daycare

Susan’s journey of hope – she emerged from utter stress and misplaced hopes to find her calling and live victoriously as a parent facing child cerebral palsy. My name is Susan Njeri. I am many things but most importantly I am a woman, a mother to three wonderful children – Princess, Prince and Parsley – and wife [...]

Mystery detectives: The Causes of Autism

What are the causes of Autism? This is perhaps the most common question Autism parents ask themselves, each other, or get asked by others. I once caught myself back raised, mouth foaming, nails scratching deep marks into wood when a therapist posted an article suggesting that moms were the cause of Autism; that something we [...]

Taking care of a hiv-positive baby

Pediatric AIDS means AIDS in children. It results from infection of a child with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), which develops into full-blown Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). HIV destroys the body’s ability to fight diseases thereby putting the infected person at risk of opportunistic illnesses like tuberculosis, pneumonia, diarrhoea and herpes, which may eventually lead [...]


Eczema is a recurrent dry and scaly, itchy skin rash found mainly in infants and toddlers. For infants, the rash is found usually on the cheek but it can appear on the limbs, the trunk and around the joints. For older children the rash is seen mainly in the elbow joints, and behind the knees. [...]

Asthmatic Baby

Asthma is a recurrent condition, affecting the airways in the lungs. It is characterised by coughing, wheezing(whistling sound in the chest), and difficulty in breathing. What causes asthma in children? Asthma is an allergic condition that tends to occur in families. That is, it is hereditary. Several members of one family may have asthma or [...]

Autism awareness and acceptance | Jaki Mathaga

A friend recently reminded me of her first encounter with me. We were having a parent training session on autism, about how to continue the learning process at home. The discussion diverted to autism acceptance as the key to seeing change in your child, when she remembered what I was like 5 years ago. She [...]