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Standing with you! #We are one.

By Babylove Network | August 29, 2013

The Westgate tragedy still feels so unreal,like a bad dream that I need to wake up from. My daughter was supposed to be at Westgate for a play date that fateful Saturday; but that morning, her friend’s mum called to change the date from lunch and a movie at Westgate to swimming at Laico. Little…

Welcome to the World!

By Babylove Network | August 28, 2013

It’s 3a.m., and I’m wide awake staring at a little angel in her sleep. Her name is Nyakio. Beautiful sweet Nyakio. I honestly still can’t believe that she’s finally here! The little human being, whom God carefully formed in my womb is finally here to begin her journey on planet earth. Little Nyakio was born…

Hosting My Daughter’s 7th Birthday, 7 Days To My EDD

By Babylove Network | August 5, 2013

So my sweet Tumiso turned 7 on the 1st of August! Man!! Time does fly! It seems like just the other day, that I was burping her! Of course whenever I narrate such stories to her she almost rolls her eyes at me in a manner that suggests that I’ve told this story waaaay too…

….Why my nose?… | By Wahu Kagwi

By Babylove Network | July 28, 2013

So… pregnant women not only add weight, but are actually encouraged to do so for the sake of their unborn babies. My doctor had advised me to add at least 12 kilos in the course of my pregnancy. Well, so far, I’ve done ‘a little’ over that…5kgs above the recommendation to be specific But I’m…

Bring on the “Old wives’ tales”!

By Babylove Network | July 23, 2013

So…being true to myself, I began to ask myself why in traditional Kikuyu culture the muciaire (new mother) is encouraged to eat njahi (black beans) and fermented uji (porridge). My “why” curiosity led me to several Google searches, at the end of which, I really saw no scientific link between these foods, and an increase…

Memories of my first time | Wahu Kagwi

By Babylove Network | July 20, 2013

As my due date draws closer, I’m getting more and more anxious…lol…was telling a friend of mine how you can visualize the impending pain, but there’s nothing you can do about it. You really look forward to holding baby in your arms, but the process? Not so much J Last time with Tumiso, or miss…

Crazy Nesting Mummy! | Wahu Kagwi

By Babylove Network | July 13, 2013

So here I am sitting at my computer, feeling very unprepared for this little one who’s about to come into the world…there are so many things I want to do before he/she comes. Have to finish shopping, decide where and how I want to give birth, finish up this baby room, which is currently my…