I think of myself pregnant, round and heavy

By Babylove Network | May 15, 2018

I wonder what being a mum will be like. Often are the times I think about it, wondering if this is something I will succeed at. I think of myself pregnant, round and heavy. Will I be moody and tired every day, or if I will glow like people commonly say to particularly heavy women?…

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Today you came, Dear Baby

By Babylove Network | May 15, 2018

Dear Baby, here in my hands, Today you came. The One who holds eternity has rustled your soft cocoon, I think the timing was just right I just can’t stop gazing in wonder at your little fingers, your eyes, your lovely little feet and toes What a precious gift you are Your yawns are so…

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The brightest moments of my life

By Babylove Network | May 15, 2018

Parenting has never been a choice for many, but whenever it comes, we tend to try to just be the perfect or rather the best parents to our kids. Well, my journey to parenting has never been any easy one. For starters, I am only 22 years old and parenting at my age is never…

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Terrible 2 or is it Terrific 2 ?

By Babylove Network | May 15, 2018

March and April have been very interesting months! A lot has been happening and I lost some momentum on my new blog; then I remembered this blog is about my memories  about the things I will be reading and sharing with my grandchildren. So I have had to just get my head straight and talk…

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By Babylove Network | April 20, 2018

– A poem expressing the anxiety of a pregnant woman whose EDD has arrived   Dear Baby, here beneath my heart, I thought that you might come today; the timing just seemed right But the stars are out and the moon is high and sheepishly I wonder why I try to arrange the plans of…


No sugar in my tea, please…I am getting my curves back!

By Babylove Network | March 14, 2018

Firstly, let me say a big thank you for the overwhelming response to my first blog. I truly appreciate all your feedback and support! One of my resolutions this year is to get my curves back! My actual body goal is to be able to comfortably rock some cute shorts and jumpsuits by August. For…


Welcome to my Babylove Network Blogspot!! | Pauline

By Babylove Network | February 17, 2018

  After months of contemplating about starting a blog, I have finally decided to take the first step and actually do my first blog post. Special shout out to my FB Family for encouraging me to start blogging! I actually struggled to pick what my first topic would be! But then after the awesome birthday…

Don’t bore your kid! Suggested family TV shows

By Babylove Network | September 20, 2017

Adults and parents weary about family TV shows Family TV shows or watching TV as a family creates an amazing bonding exercise, is an easy conversation starter, establishes individual character and personality appreciation, as well as a whole range of positive family relation attributes. That being said, we as adults and parents alike may be…

How to guide your kids’ screen/TV viewing

By Babylove Network | August 31, 2017

Hello mums and dads! How can we intentionally mould our children’s TV viewing and their psychology towards televisions and other screen media devices? Just how can we shape their appetite for the content that comes along with these devices? There are different methods, tools and approaches that can be implemented to instil a healthy viewing…

I want another baby… | Getrude Mungai

By Babylove Network | July 19, 2017

It was that annoying pressure in the lower belly, crazy period pains and a belly a little bigger than it should be – not very becoming for a lady. Getrude Mungai, then 19, took the matter to the hospital. The doctor pointed out two strangers sitting in her womb…and they were not babies… In an…