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My better half and I always wanted a baby, and this year we decided to make this a reality. We were just back from our Easter holiday break when I did the home kit pregnancy test and found out I was expecting our miracle. Both he and I read the results of the home kit together. It was such an exhilarating moment! We were going to be parents!!!!! I remember we did little happy dance! And yes – I took a photo of the test! I have it till today. Life begins at conception, and I wanted to remember each and every moment of his life…

My sister was the first person I called! She was very excited for me, and as she had had her baby about a year and half ago, she shared in my joy and got a bit nostalgic remembering her first time too.

This is the best baby on the planet, no really, I mean it……….. no nausea, no swelling feet, no spitting (I was really afraid of that one). If anything my skin is great. He just kicks and summersaults all day. I am 8 months pregnant now and my belly is active. I also have no cravings, although I could drink a Java lemonade daily. No morning sickness as well. I am just glad that the journey has been smooth sailing so far. I have heard of lots of turbulent pregnancies and I am thankful for my wellness.

Of course I’ve had scary moments about the pregnancy and having the baby! Like any other soon to be mom, whether it’s your 1st or 5th child, I’m certain about the constant worry – if the baby is doing okay in womb and what will happen during delivery. But God is faithful. I say a prayer all the time, prayers calm my anxiety, and I feel complete once I pray. My family and a few close friends have been very supportive throughout this pregnancy, but the love of my life has been my strongest support system. He is just amazing.

This journey has been quite transformative. My perspective of motherhood changed immensely since becoming pregnant. To me, being a mother and a good one at that isn’t all about childbirth. A mother is that woman who is the chef/cook/cleaner/tailor/doctor/ teacher/mentor/friend, you name it… to a child. It is a title I have always respected and held in high esteem and the prospect of being one gives me and even deeper respect for motherhood. Being pregnant has also taught me to be more patient with people and situations. I don’t lose my cool so easily (I normally quite easily go from 0- 100 in a snap) but recently, I don’t… wusaaah!

I also find myself smiling at every woman with a child, I want them to know I am on their side now, I am now #team mom (do you supposed they think I am a weirdo J?)

Favorite moments? The whole journey is a favorite moment. This simple an amazing time in my life, I couldn’t change it for anything in the world….

Nelly Wangechi Mwangi who just turned 29, works in the advertising industry for the last 6 years. She also has a fashion blog- www.nairobisfashiongeek.blogspot.com . Her fun and fashion pics are on her Instagram page @ nairobisfashiongeek

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