Tasty Baby Foods

When I had Martha 6 years ago, I was beside myself with joy!… and fear… and was awfully tired. Wow, a baby. She latched on really well at the hospital and my breasts produced enough milk.
It was wondrous to see my tits do this. My aim was to breastfeed for a year… whoaaa could I? Where was the time for this? I was busy and what a hassle it was going to be.

Suckling every 2-4 hours, pumping when I was away from her… man. Then one day she fell on the floor from the sofa and landed on her back. Oh, my God! I’d killed the baby. Or so I thought with huge fright … Welcome to “Tasty Baby Foods” – with Susan Kamau. This blog on Babylove Network is my little way of expressing my love to my daughter, Martha, and all babies in this world!

Connect with me as I tell you more about my adventurous parenting journey, and as I bring to you every week, right here on Babylove Network, recipes and cooking methods that will truly lead to Tasty Baby Foods. Your little one will love it when you and I combine our cooking skills! Welcome and do remember to always comment, ask, think aloud on this page.

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