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I’ve been eating a lot so I’m scared my baby will weigh a lot….

I had gone swimming with a friend on 8th March and being so hungry, we had bhajias and chicken for lunch. Later that day, I had a stomach upset and went to see the doctor. As is the usual practise I was asked when I had my last period and then advised I do a pregnancy test.

Alas….! The results were positive. I was four weeks pregnant. I can never forget that day – It was a Saturday. I broke the pregnancy news first to my friend Linda to let her know what the outcome of our swimming and bhajia date had turned out to be. We both were in shock because just two weeks ago I’d checked and things were negative and we really wondered how just a slight two week window could turn one’s life around.

The pregnancy has been amazing so far. Super amazing! It’s been a graceful pregnancy to say the least. We thank God. I hear so many stories of turbulent and traumatic pregnancies and I am really thankful that my body has been in peace. Peaceful body yes…. and changes in my body – an even bigger yes! Well, I no longer have the flat tummy I used to flaunt. I am not complaining though. I have added weight from 53kgs to 69kgs and also discovered that I am lactose intolerant when I was seven months along. I used to take a lot of sour milk and my face took a hard punch when I developed huge ugly pimples. But they went away upon taking some antihistamines and reducing the rate at which I was taking the sour milk.

I wondered if I would get the so called cravings and….. yes! I love githeri, fried omena, black chocolate, bananas ripe and raw but I had to go slow on them following my mum’s recommendation. I also love traditional veggies such as terere, kunde, mrenda and pumkin leaves. I am a big fan of traditional vegetables and generally a hearty eater.

Morning what….? Morning who…? No not us. We’ve had a graceful pregnancy so far. No morning sickness at all. Phew. But, I’ve had my fair share of scary moments. Well, don’t we all have them? I have been eating a lot so am scared that my baby will weigh a lot… But all in all delivery is a challenge that I am ready to take on. I also have my mum as my biggest supporter through the pregnancy. My family is with me every step of the way and I love them for that. My friends make fun of us but I know they mean well. I am blessed.

My perspective of motherhood has changed big time. In as much as it has been a graceful pregnancy, there has been ups and downs somewhere in between and it wasn’t easy. I now have a deeper respect for all mums. I am also grateful that my work has not been affected at all by my pregnancy. I have not missed work a single day. I am 38 weeks and still go to work. Always on time. Also my colleagues are amazing and so I love going to work.

My most favorite moment during the pregnancy that tops all others is when my baby kicks. It is just blissful. I am also enjoying the respect from the society, pretty much getting what you want and the best. Plus I love the appetite that came with it. I am glowing! I had imagined that I would just look unattractive. But hey…. I still got it and I am loving it.
I am so anxious to see and hold my baby in my arms. I can’t wait to look into my baby’s eyes and get lost in them. Most importantly, can’t wait to hear him or her call me mama or mummy or mum. All this joy is overwhelming.


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  1. Mary on February 5, 2019 at 9:48 pm

    I hope your family is doing well.

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