Project Nursery – Soon To Be Filled

I was ten weeks along when I discovered that I was pregnant. I’d been having really bad nausea which I attributed to my workload. Given that I had just started out at a new company, I thought all the work was weighing me down. That’s when I decided to take a pregnancy test…

The first person I broke the news to was my husband. His initial reaction was one of shock as it was quite soon after our first baby. But afterwards, he warmed up to the news and got excited.

In my first 5 months, I have been so preoccupied with work and my growing two-year old I have barely had time to register I was pregnant. I didn’t add as much weight as I did with baby 1 during the 2nd trimester. However, the third trimester has been really challenging. I have developed symphysis pubic dysfunction where walking and even turning over in bed are a painful and uphill task. So, playing and keeping up with a really active and feisty toddler is to say the very least, crazy! I am thankful though that I have only had a few bouts of nausea without any actual throwing up so it’s not all bad.

Cravings Cravings – What I‘ve been really craving are wheat products and lots of hot chocolate. I had a period where I really went crazy with dried fruits, mostly raisins and candied pineapple, and for a while there during my 2nd trimester I really craved nyama choma. My third trimester has been really really challenging. My daughter, Jasmine, is still very young and pretty clingy so carrying her around and playing with her has been physically frustrating for both of us.

Nonetheless, I take delight in the recent exciting project I undertook to recreate a shared nursery for both of them. With my first pregnancy, I didn’t have the space or the know how to create a nursery but this time I can. Thank you Pinterest and YouTube! ? Organizing and decorating the shared nursery is one of my favorite moments. My toddler loves their new room so much.

It has been a little challenging as well to explain to Jasmine in two year old speak that she will soon have a sibling. I, however, think she is catching on as she has gotten super clingy lately and suddenly very demanding. She also enjoys tapping my belly and saying ‘toto’. I sometimes show her YouTube videos of newborns just to see her reaction. I guess it’s my way of explaining it to her. Sometimes I worry about how she will take to her new sister, whether she will cope and if they will bond quickly. One of my biggest worries is to go into labour while alone with her. I worry about that especially when the nanny leaves and daddy is not in. But I have learnt to take things in stride and to believe that things will work themselves out.

My number one support is my husband without whom I’d really have it rough. The bond he has with our daughter is very comforting and I rest easy knowing I won’t worry when we are adjusting to the new baby. I have a couple of girlfriends who have been very supportive. My small sister is also really helpful when she comes over to play with Jasmine while I rest or prepare for delivery. I’ve also really come to appreciate prayer especially during those tough moments.

My views on motherhood have already changed as I’ve realized I have to share my time and affection with 2 little ones. Motherhood is a lot of things, but the most important one is learning the delicate art of balance. My spending habits have largely changed and I am learning how to accommodate another being in my heart, quite interesting if you ask me. I can’t wait to see how I handle two babies. I may have to develop new parenting strategies and I look forward to the experience.

Has my work been affected by the pregnancy? Absolutely! My cake business revolves largely around movement and long hours standing and sometimes baking into the night. I can no longer stay awake long enough or stand on my feet too long. My posture has also changed as have my levels of patience. Additionally, my energy has been focused more on bonding with my toddler and preparing for our new baby. My business will have to wait until I find a balance. Family always comes first.

For sure my favorite moments during this pregnancy have to be when Jasmine feels her sister kick in my belly and looks at me with really big eyes. I can’t get enough of that look. I’m looking forward to having two pairs of big eyes look at me soon…



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