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I found out I was pregnant the day after Valentine’s Day.

I had suspected something for a while but 3 negative pregnancy tests made me think I was just being paranoid. I bought the fourth pregnancy test on Valentine’s Day. Before I left the Pharmacy I made sure to let them know that their products had failed me thrice and they were probably fakes!(Blame the hormones)The kind elderly lady behind the counter said she would pray for me but she had a good feeling.

On February 15th I woke up, prayed, and took the test again. It was positive! I was elated, terrified, ecstatic and confused all at the same time. Me? Pregnant? Really? I rubbed my belly thinking of the possibilities. I couldn’t wait to tell my husband! I bought a card and a pair of the smallest shoes I could find to break the news to him. “I’m sorry, you have my heart but someone else now owns another part of me” the card said. He was thrilled!

My pregnancy has been relatively drama-free. No morning sickness, no aversion to certain foods (although I stopped liking tea), no swollen feet and no mood swings (I’m hoping my husband agrees here). I’m still waiting for my nose to expand. According to my husband I wasn’t myself for the first 2 months. I had lost my beloved Grandfather in January and then a cousin a few weeks later. I felt tired but I simply figured that my body was also in mourning. Other than that though, I have been blessed.

One of the big milestones for me was getting to see the baby during the very first sonogram. I was already showing but actually seeing that little miracle from the inside was such a special moment. The most beautiful beat I have ever heard? My baby’s heartbeat. When we broke the news to our families we showed them the pictures from the ultra-sound (in one of which I swear the baby is smiling). Our families have been awesome! Their joy, love and support has resonated throughout the pregnancy and I can’t thank them enough. Our friends and workmates have also been amazing and made this experience very enjoyable. My work nicknames range from “Katumbo” to “Bogi Benda” and everything in-between.

I’ve enjoyed my pregnancy but my second trimester was probably my favorite. I was used to my new shape, feeling energetic and loving being pregnant. I was beginning to think the whole cravings thing was a rumor when it hit me; the sudden inexplicable magnetism towards hotdogs. I couldn’t get enough of them. I didn’t want to eat anything else. The cravings even led me to prowl around Cinemas where I’d buy two hotdogs at a go then enjoy decorating them with squiggly lines of mustard and ketchup. That first bite…there’s nothing quite like it. I had a short pasta cravings phase and currently I’m in a needy relationship with all things potato. Mash them, boil them, fry them…as long as it’s “waru” I’m good. Mars ice cream is another current favorite.

Another milestone was feeling the baby’s first kicks. At first I thought my stomach was just rumbling. Or maybe I had butterflies. But the feeling got stronger and the doctor confirmed it was the baby moving. Soon as I would lie down, it would start. There was also some dancing associated with every hotdog I ate. These days I’m sure every time the baby moves. In fact I can see it! A constant reminder than my resident is getting too big for their quarters and will be coming out soon.

I cannot end this without thanking my rock; my husband. Seeing him get so excited about becoming a father, watching him prepare for the baby’s arrival and even hearing his vocabulary adapt to include words like “rompers” and “colic” has been wonderful. His love, patience and foot massages have got me through the tougher days. Whenever I drop something on the ground and curse gravity he’s there to help me pick it up. He has become my cheering-squad, nurse, chef, therapist and so much more without ever complaining. I can’t wait to see him hold our baby for the first time. I’m so grateful to be experiencing this with him.

Our friends and family have been simply amazing. We’ve received gifts wrapped in love and with love and one of the ones we hold most dear was bestowed upon us by our dear friends and talented photographers. They offered us a photo shoot, for free! We will be eternally grateful for the memories they captured with their keen eyes and skillful snapping.

As my pregnancy journey comes to an end I’m going to miss my bump, even not seeing my toes. I’ll miss the curious looks of people on the streets (panicked young men retreating to the corners of the elevator when I get in) and the strangers who wish me well even though they don’t know me. I’ll miss the perks like not having to queue and the kind way people treat pregnant women. I’ll miss feeling the strong kicks of the baby and even my penguin walk. But still, I’m glad it’s coming to an end because I can’t wait to meet the little person that has been growing inside me. To see their face, hear their voice and confirm who has the stronger genes; me or my husband.

To my precious baby who is 2 days overdue as I write this…”You can come out now. We’re all waiting for you.”

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