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The battle against the bulge just got personal…

Want to lose weight? I recently decided to conduct a weight loss experiment on myself by attempting to get rid of the elusive 10 kilos that I needed out of the way but had been unsuccessful at time and time again. I combed through a myriad of scientific journals, countless online blog posts and dozens of YouTube testimonials. At long last i came up with a regimen. My regimen.

My experiment to lose weight worked like magic and the system I devised was so effective that I exceeded my target by 5 kilos! I lost 15kgs in total. Can you imagine that?!

Have you ever wondered why so many of us struggle with weight loss? We move from fad diet to fad diet, fat loss program to fat loss program and slimming bandwagon to slimming bandwagon with no results? This is the story of our lives and many of us relate to being on this roller coaster spinning round and round with no results. In fact “how to lose weight” is rapidly becoming a subject that is much spoken about in every continent with a myriad of proposed solutions, some miraculous in their promise and others long term…

The clear strategies I had set for myself got me there

Throughout my adventure, it became apparent that the clear strategies I had set for myself got me there. That’s right, I say ‘strategies’, because to lose weight is no mean feat and you need to deliberately strategize to realise the outcome you desire. In fact what you need to do is to think of yourself as a soldier going to war! And every single day is a battle against the bulge. You need to stack up three weapons in your arsenal, and victory is almost guaranteed – a definite purpose, a conducive environment and an accountability mechanism.

The first line of defence against flab is a well-defined purpose. Before you embark on your weight loss journey, ask yourself why you are doing it. In the famous words of Robert Kiyosaki the entrepreneur par excellence – “if our ‘why’ is clear enough, your ‘what’ won’t matter.” In my case – my mother’s death from diabetes and high blood pressure – that many of our parents are long suffering through – was the sobering push that gave me the impetus to start. This was at the back of my mind throughout this journey. I must also admit that it was the need to look fabulous in a cocktail dress that kept me going.

Determine the purpose that inspires you to keep going

Whatever your reason, whatever your motivation, be honest with yourself. It does not have to be a world saving, do-good-Mother-Teresa-type cause. It doesn’t have to sound like it will change the world – actually who cares if it sounds superficial as long as it delivers results? Just know who you are, be true to yourself and determine the purpose that inspires you to keep going…..

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In addition to defining your purpose, you need a conducive environment to ward off those spare tyres that are stuck to your sides. Please take time to acknowledge that sometimes the problem is not you; it may simply be your surroundings. As the well-researched development blog brain food indicates – we eat with our eyes before we eat with our mouths. That completely explains why we always prone to grab what we see on our kitchen counters, that appeals. Hardly ever will we grab a stalk of spinach! To make things easy in this weight loss journey, get rid of all the high fat, high sugar and high calorie food in your house. Please turn your abode into a healthy eating haven. Keep temptation away and at bay for the truth is – you cannot be tempted by what does not exist and you cannot see.

Start a food journal

Finally, an accountability mechanism is crucial to becoming trim. Start a food journal and write down your daily food intake. Every single thing. Write down everything that gets into your mouth. This is a battle remember? How will you go to battle if you cannot take stock of what you are up against and what the enemy has stacked up against you? Measurement is critical to your success. Going by the management guru Peter Drucker – What gets measured gets managed. Therefore, quantify your calorific intake and try not to exceed your daily limit. Be accountable to yourself by tracking and analysing your performance. Similarly, you need to create an accountability mechanism by disclosing your mission to family and friends. Please let the people in your life that you know will be brutally honest with you and call you out when you are making excuses, know your plan and that you are counting on them for success. In my case, I told everyone and anyone who care to know, about my new adventure. You will be surprised how hard it is to disappoint 50 people compared to disappointing just one.

One must have a plan

So that’s the plan! As simple as that… Arm yourself with your weapons of mass destruction – a definite purpose, a conducive environment and an accountability mechanism. What makes us struggle so much is because we have no plan. We just start and hope to get through somehow. As is with life – one must have a plan. The battle against the bulge is really a battle against bad habits. Although for me it started as an adventure to lose weight, many aspects of my life changed. My weight loss has been good for me all round.

As I took off on this ‘experiment’ I was attempting my plan and didn’t know how well it was going to work and didn’t do the done thing – taking a ‘before’ selfie to compare with the new ‘after’. The after makes me happy though, and I will continue to strive to maintain the balance. In conclusion, i wish you all the best in your journeys to lose weight and please let me know how it goes…

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