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My Martha turned 7 years old a week ago. I had to withdraw to think about that… time does fly and they do grow up fast. She was just a tiny tot the other day! We spent the day drinking milkshakes and eating cupcakes. Not our usual fare, but hey – it was her special day! And woah…….. that definitely made me feel rather sick but she was having a ball. She then went ahead and burned up those calories jumping on a trampoline which she loves to do. Something that children are so lucky to be able to do unlike us. I sighed wistfully……..

We both love to snack so we got these grilled chicken livers that are quick and easy to make and ended our celebration with them. You can use them as a finger food snack, a sandwich filling or as part of the kids’ main meal”.


  • 100g streaky bacon rashers
  • 500g chicken livers, whole
  • Few dashes of Worcestershire sauce
  • Salt and black pepper to taste

Mix the sauce with the salt and pepper then add in the livers and toss well to coat. Let stand for 5 minutes. Take each liver and wrap it in one rasher of bacon and put it through a skewer. Do this to all the pieces of liver. Cook under the grill turning once or twice until the meat is cooked.

Enjoy your grilled livers and do let me know the outcome of your cooking adventure……………

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