I am waiting

I am waiting for you little man
So eagerly that sometimes I sit and wait
Not doing much but just thinking of you
Nothing in particular but just waiting for you.

You are yet to be born but you are so full of life
You are still to make a voice and yet sweeter than fife
You are filled with potential and for that we feel safe
So we wait until the day when you presence will be rife.

You have taught me much inclusive of patience
To never be timid nor hide my belly in pretense
Am loving the lesson learning in life’s quintessence?
Can’t wait to grow with you and feel your eminence.

You touch us with love before you pat us with hands
We feel your strength with the kicks of your hinds
What a joy to imagine how your well-being trends
And yes we will wait till you see past those bends.

There is much I would say as I sit here and wait
But none of them all can speak my heart’s plight
Of anxiety and angst yet of hoping for better fate
That will be worth the weight of this long that I wait.

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