Don’t bore your kid! Suggested family TV shows

Adults and parents weary about family TV shows

Family TV shows or watching TV as a family creates an amazing bonding exercise, is an easy conversation starter, establishes individual character and personality appreciation, as well as a whole range of positive family relation attributes.

That being said, we as adults and parents alike may be slightly weary when it comes to collective viewing time with the kids. This dispassionate attitude is probably generated by the thought that different mental developments and mind-sets may not garner an “across the board” understanding of media.

Fond memories watching movies, cartoon animations, comedy shows

This however, is a weightless reason, given all the options in variety, content and genre that movies and TV shows offer. The right “ageless” genres in family TV shows truly are a platform for quality time, as they do bring family units together.

One of my fondest memories growing up, is that of our entire family (and when I say entire; I mean the entirety of the word “large” …because boy, are we many), hurdled together in our living room on weekends and school holidays; collectively watching movies, cartoon animations or comedy shows together.


Profound, warm recollections of favourite times

The nostalgia surrounding this favourite family pass time is so profound within my psyche. So much that the smallest mundane instances evoke these warm recollections. Certain scents, types of foods, tunes, songs and jingles… even varying times of the day; any of these is a sure trigger for my “reminisce light bulb” to switch on.

Based on this beneficial result of spending quality time on family TV shows as a young one, I have put together this feature for you as a parent. I present here suggestions you may consider in your endeavour to positively influence your child’s screen consumption. I hope you find these useful and like them!

Here are categories of family TV shows that parents and kids can enjoy together; without boring one another;

Competitions and Game Shows

Shows that are all about team spirit, targeting and achieving a prize or reward and challenging competitors in mental and physical prowess are a good family viewing category. They are adrenaline pumping and implement family-fun and friendly conversation around strategy, perception and playful banter.
In their thrilling and entertaining elements, these types of shows like “The Ultimate Challenge” on Showmax offer parents the opportunity to navigate around topics about teamwork, planning and practical thinking. This is a sure family viewing theme, that keeps all household members on the edge of their seats.

Age appropriate Talk Shows

Adults need their dose of news, information and current affairs. Nothing sets the “irritability-mode” on with kids as sure as having to sit through prime time news. Or political panels, forums and discussion programmes.

Age appropriate talk shows like “Sema Nami” on Showmax offer viewers a dynamic intake of current affairs, politics, culture and lifestyle that is fun, informative and interactive. Kids and parents alike can look forward to this slotted TV time. They can take away knowledge as well as good vibrations in its viewership.

Age-appropriate Family Sitcoms

Age old adages like “Live, Laugh and Love,” as well as “Laughter is the best medicine”, are clear indicators of the importance of humour, light-hearted nature and merriment. These elements are significant in the characterization of happy homes and close-knit families. A specific genre in TV content that offers heart-warming, rib-cracking and charming moments is Family Sitcoms. Comedies like “Don’t Mess With Kansime” and “Mr. Bean”, also available on Showmax, clearly target the collective family audience. This is quite definitive in the themes, cast and plot lines. Different lessons and topical issues manifest in clearly in each episode. These are relatable and conversational, and at the same time witty and comical. Parents and kids alike see themselves (as well as each other), represented in different characters and storylines in brave, honest, fun and whimsical ways.

Classic and Timeless Films

When a movie is Classic, we view it as timeless. The two go hand in hand. Though both words may evoke notions of “old” and “dated”; this is far from the truth. This class offers a gift in viewership as the family unit in its entirety can travel down memory lane and experience a different place and time. These Films offer an opportunity to get into the cult-classic euphoria that defined their success. At the same time they offer learning blocks in history, culture and changing times. Be it amazing musicals like “The King and I”, or Children’s book classics turned movies like “The Adventures of Tintin” and “Lemony Snickets; A Series of Unfortunate Events”; classic Films are a viewership gift for the entire family as a whole.

Kids Movies

Let’s face it, when it comes to family TV shows, we as parents will always be biased. We find that in the spirit of nurturing and guiding the perceptions of our children, we gravitate towards selecting Movies and TV shows that are specifically written and created for kids. The best thing to take into consideration even within this preferred choice, is that most Kids’ Movies are equally entertaining, impactive and in fact favourites with adults as well. Other mind blowing animations created with the target audience as children are “Coraline” and “Barnyard”, to iconic movies like “The Flintstones” and “Mrs. Doubtfire”. Regardless of this intention, this genre accommodates adults, equally enthralling and rejuvenating their “grown up expectations” in viewership entertainment. This could be indicative of the creators of this genre’s outlook to enchant adults and kids alike, therefore guaranteeing that TV Time is Family Time.

Educational and Documentary Programmes

It is not an old wive’s tale, that documentaries and informative programmes are a powerful tool in education and awareness. With real accounts of social dynamic, psychological and universal ideologies; this category captures culture, skills, history, science, geography, politics. The list is endless… basically anything and everything that is affiliated to human existence.

Schools have introduced the screening of educational documentaries to their classroom curriculum. This informs and instils a magnitude of interests in topics such as nature and diversity.

Our first and most profound learning institutes are our homes. Slotting in documentaries like “The Blue Planet”, “Lions On The Move” and “Frozen Planet” encourage our kids to have an open minded, factual and multifaceted understanding of the world and it’s ecosystems. This in turn nudges our little ones to take further interests in various topics. This can be by reading and researching beyond the viewing of documentaries that peaked their interest.

It is quite clear that we can never go wrong in coming together as a unit. This bonding and sharing activities in our “family time” is critical. Let’s therefore plop down into our sofas with a bowl of popcorn. Get enthralled together through the gift that keeps on giving; our television screens.


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