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Join us in Celebrating Agnes’ Pregnancy Journey. She is a journalist with over six years’ experience in both print and electronic media. A graduate of the University of Nairobi where she studied humanities and social sciences, she has worked in various media houses as a reporter and news anchor. These include Kenya Times Media Trust, Pilipili FM – Mombasa, K24 Television and now Ebru Africa Television. She is married to Stanely Wahinya and a baby is on the way!

I am so FAVORED…

My bubbly, smart and hard working Stanley is just one of the most amazing things that happened to me. His positive energy is highly infectious. There’s barely room for a dull moment since he showed up. So it was great time after great time – until it got to the point… ahem…. “It’s time the baby came.”

I was nervous. Many people have not been able to have babies of their own. And well, I was not fully convinced that I belonged to the special “mum” category, especially because my menses always threw my body into disarray. I got excruciating cramps that incapacitated me for days. No painkiller worked! That gave me the qualms that there was something the hitch with my system. I was far from sure that it was an environment a baby would thrive in. So I prayed a lot. I wanted to avail my husband and myself something we both madly wanted, a baby.

One evening I could not put up with the meat dish (I LOVE meat). I wanted nothing but boiled bananas with no spice – just salt, which I prepared besides the evening’s meaty dish. Stan being the nutrition freak insisted that I needed to make do with the protein of the day. He made sense. So I gobbled the meat – which I did not enjoy a single moment, and no sooner was I done than I ran to the bathroom. My tummy was heaving and I was retching – it all had to come out.

As I was recuperating on the couch, Stan gave me that knowing look. We dashed for the pregnancy kit from a nearby chemist and YAY! two lines showed– a VERY big sign that we were pregnant. Christmas day saw us in hospital for the official confirmation – and we were not disappointed. We were officially expectant. That was my Christmas gift to Stan. Obviously elated, he said it could never get any better. He could hardly take his eyes off the scan. For a while, he propped it somewhere in our bedroom so could keep saying, “Hey…. Our baby…,” pointing at it.

Now at month eight, I don’t know if there’s anyone who has had a better pregnancy than mine. Apart from my not wanting meat, a reduced appetite, a slightly wonky gait, being more cautious of my sitting and getting up, and not moving as fast as usual, I have been as good as new – only happier. I am still my typical size nine save for the bump. My nose, lips and cheeks are intact, thankfully! My fashion fad has not changed that. I LOVE to look great! And compliments from friends and strangers on the streets have been many. I have only had to succumb to the must-do flat shoes. Stan brings them in droves. He makes sure I don’t get an excuse slip my feet into my heels, which I now just drool over. I can’t wait to feel lofty again!

I am a heavy drinker … of water. I am sure I do nothing less than 10 glasses a day. Stan keeps checking. The water at least keeps me energized! There are times I hear a headache knocking. Two glasses of water after that, I fine.

Scary moment? Yes, that LABOR DAY…. Sometimes I wonder whether I will make it through – but Stan knows how to allay those jitters. He says, “Babe, this far you have come shows you are well able to have the baby without issues.” Oh this goes a loooong way!

My mum has as well come in really handy. She calls at least every other day to confirm that I am doing well, that I am attending to the pregnancy accordingly, and just to have the mother to mother chatter ?. I am very humbled at the fact that she and my dad set that exceptional rare parenting standard. I pray it rubs off on us.

My perspective has changed. I see it all different. I have never wanted to be a mother more than I do now. I almost I feel I started living after the baby came. Our energy is matching our great parenting desires – to provide full circle. The baby items are all set. Our bedroom is ready for him/her – yes MY baby sleeps in my bedroom. We have already checked out a number of good schools and have settled on one. We are now in our own house so the rent is being invested into the family’s future needs.

My work is also getting the best of this season. I am a confident person, but I am now more certain of who I am. There is a fresh zing to my reporting efforts. My stories have a special energy. I am just raring to go! My child has to know mum takes her work seriously and enjoys making the world better. It’s more than a job.

My favorite times have been watching the ultra sound and the baby kicks! They can be quite feisty; and other times so gentle as though saying, “I love you.” Or “Take it easy.” So, yes baby and I talk a lot. I bless him/her whenever – speaking great things about his/her future. A common line has been, “Baby, this much you have favored me, only God knows how much we wanted you.” Oh D-day! I am looking forward to our eyes locking, him/her gripping my finger, and others.

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