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Thank you for the wonderful response from the last blog! Glad to know I am not the only one who expands in every direction whilst pregnant!

So……… my dilemma has always been fashion. Being in the limelight there is always pressure on how I look. Well that was until I turned 35 and then I stopped caring. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for great appearances, but sometimes I do not have the time to put the face on and match the clothes! This has happened more and more in this pregnancy. The morning sickness made me feel sick and I receive comments about how ill I looked.

Trust me, I could not care less that my shoes (which are now solely (no pun intended) flat) do not match the top am wearing which does not even fit properly because I am trying to hide a bump that looks like the outcome of really bad diet choices as opposed to a pregnancy. You know mums, that phase when the tummy does something and you attract the looks that say ‘oh well, she let herself go..’ or ‘is that belly fat or is she pregnant’ yeah – that look!!

I hate that in between part and the feeling sick part because really, the last thing you want to do is look good. This time around doing my make-up was a treat that happened once every 6 weeks or so. Also this dressing up stuff took a lot of effort on my part – still on some days, I just wear my exercise stuff and dash out of the house.

At least now the bump has popped and I can sort of fit in to the bigger clothes and maternity clothes (thank goodness maternity wear is trendy now-a-days) and I look pregnant. I am really working the V necks because the cleavage is out for the world to see – plus it allows me to feel a bit sensual. I found though, in those awkward stages if you have a boob top – you can pull it over your jeans or trousers, so where the button refuses to close. Put a shorter top on and it looks trendy – sort of like you are wearing two tops.

Last pregnancy I did skinny jeans with maternity bands – I got a tailor to just put some comfy material and elastic bands on my already fitted jeans. This time I am just doing leggings. They are in fashion and super comfortable, so why not? It is hard to look and feel good when you are feeling like a tank and want to throw up all the time (or burp or fart). One thing we need to be when preggers is comfortable.

I went and got myself some nice sandals and some nice tops that are not snug at a reasonable price. At least my feet look pretty and the tops are trendy. I find accessorizing also helps – there is so much fantastic jewelry available so why not indulge in retail therapy? Before you know it you will just be a source of milk for a little being, so spoil yourself while you can!

This blog reminds me, I need to go in the search for some good underwire support. Still cannot get used to the girls being so big! Chat soon lovely mamas. Xo

PS – for those of you who have little girls, while we are talking retail therapy, I’ll shop around and recommend what I think would be great. I’m always on the lookout for all sorts of matchy matchy items for Ariyana (who loves to match her stuff by the way). I promise to also look out for fab boy stuff as well. Sigh, a shopaholic’s work is never over!

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