Baby number 3 is on the way!

I conceived on 20th December 2014 to be precise. I remember the date very well as this pregnancy was long awaited. Our current last born son is 5 years old now and I have suffered two miscarriages in both 2013 and 2014. So you can just imagine what this pregnancy has meant for us as a family. It has been quite an experience, and the ups and downs of conceiving and miscarrying are a journey only each individual woman can share. We are unique creatures and each loss is unique to each family. I would like to encourage all mums out here who have had miscarriages and lost their babies before not to give up hope.

On this now memorable day in our family calendar, my friend Carol Ndolo and I as well as our children, had travelled to Nyeri to pay visit to our mutual friend Judy Wanderi Jorgensen, and her son who were home from Denmark. On our way back, I developed ovulatory pain that was quite excruciating until I found driving impossible. I had to stop and Carol was kind enough to take the wheel and bring us back safely home. This was the beginning of a new start, a new journey and renewed hope.

The first sign of this pregnancy was on, and I experienced sudden nausea and felt extremely fatigued and sleepy!
I am now at 34 weeks, and the journey hasn’t been smooth. Extreme nausea and morning sickness are the characteris. It was really really bad for the first 30 weeks, but now I only vomit occasionally. Nosic which usually contains these kinds of situations was prescribed and I took it, but it didn’t help me at all. I was also given Emitino (Ondansetron).

I also suffered subchorionic haemorrage from week two and I as any mother would, was quite worried, but this was well managed by my obstetrician/gynaecologist Dr. Ng’ayu. I thank God for him and his intervention.

It is so important to have family around you especially when there are challenges. My family has been very supportive. My husband Alois, my daughter Abigail and my son Jeremy. What would I have done without them? I cannot even begin to imagine. They have my strong pillars to hold onto and draw strength from. I am not sure where I would be without their encouraging words, positive energy and love. They have kept me going. When I vomit and when I feel weak, I find that they are always there with me. Tirelessly encouraging me. Telling me how sorry they are so many times, standing by me, rubbing my back and providing all the love, encouragement and support that any mum would ever wish for. I really thank God for them and for the blessing that they are in my life. One should not take family support for granted.

We celebrate this pregnancy together! And I really really celebrate my family!

I am also quite thankful that I am in a flexible business. This has also helped as I have had a somewhat easier time with regards to work. It would have been much more difficult to cope if I was in a stringent workplace environment. I have had a somewhat easier time when the tides get high.

We are trusting God for the journey so far and we trust Him even more for a safe delivery.

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