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Weight loss tips better be tested and proven, I would say. Here are some.

My name is Monica Mbugua and my weight loss journey spans over twenty years. Yes you heard right, twenty years. I was overweight child and teenager and further morphed into an overweight adult. It has taken blood, sweat, tears and threats to accomplish this uphill task that is a constant battle. I have been there, done that, redone it again, fallen off the wagon, got up again and I am still at it. The ups and downs of my journey have made me stronger and thankfully much wiser. Today – I’m obliged to share seven tried, tested and true remedies that have stood the test of time.


80: 20 rule – Weight management takes 80 % proper eating habits and 20% physical workout.

In my earlier heavier days I would work out very hard, put in great amounts of sweat equity, get super hungry, and then proceed to eat just as much after the workout. My weight naturally would stagnate given the vicious cycle and leave me very frustrated. There are very people who have lost weight with very minimal or no exercise at all as they have mastered the art of eating right – quantity and quality of food.


Weight loss / management is possible: all it takes is consistency, commitment, discipline, sacrifice, resilience and persistence to eat right and work out.

One needs to embrace the right frame of mind and the right attitude. It is possible to reverse bad eating and work-out habits. As is always said and it indeed is right – it only takes twenty one days to form a new habit if there is consistency and commitment. Your healthy eating and fitness efforts will soon transform into a habit. Wouldn’t that be great?


Always remember Energy in – Energy out.

The mathematics is simple. We must always strive to create a deficit between food calories we take in and physical workout calories we burn and weight loss is guaranteed. The ideal calorie intake ranges between 1,000 – 1,700 calories per day depending on gender and body weight. Our work outs and natural movements during the day needs to create a negative balance.

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The right time to eat – breakfast (eat like a king) , lunch ( eat like a queen) , supper ( eat like a pauper)

In my previous food- filled life I skipped my breakfast, then ate large quantities from 11:00am until my bed time at 10:00pm. My plate constituted of ½ carbohydrates and ½ protein portion servings with two tablespoons of vegetables. I have since come a long long way to realize that portioning works

Remember to have a healthy snack around 10:00am ( fruit) and 4:00pm ( fruit , yoghurt or nuts). Our plates should consist of ½ vegetables, ¼ carbohydrates, and ¼ protein servings. Please remember to drink at least 2 litres of water in between the day and especially before meals.


Diets DO NOT work as they cannot be sustained

I have done all manner of diets and can confidently share that diets were the order of the day in my life. If I needed to lose weight for a wedding, I would go on the 13- day diet and I was guaranteed to a minimum of 6kgs within the two-week period. I attempted this diet at least three times when I needed a quick-fix solution. Immediately I went back to my normal eating routine, I would gain back the lost weight and add some more within two months. I also attempted the Cabbage Soup diet and taking Magic Slim tablets. I guarantee you that consistently the “quick” results I achieved were always very short-lived.

After a fad diet, once one reverts back to their old way of eating the weight returns double time. Disciplined eating is highly encouraged rather than these short-cuts which are detrimental in the long run. One should avoid skipping meals as it makes you overeat and overcompensate at the next meal overwhelming the body that tries to cope with this two in one meal.


No food is bad

Food just needs to be eating in the right amounts and at the right time. Be cautious of overindulging. Exercise portion control. It is ok to have a “reward” system and reward yourself once a week or fortnight with your favourite junk food (chocolate, ice-cream, cake, sweets, pastries, crisps, chevda etc) as long it does not become a daily habit /addiction.


Weight loss goals are best achieved in a team setting and with a proper accountability structure.

It is often quoted that – “if you want to go FIRST walk alone, if you want to go FAR walk with others.” Having an accountability system means that there are people to check on you, support you, motivate you and sometimes push you especially during times when you are discouraged or want to give up.

So there you have it. With these seven quick fixes, you are guaranteed to lose excel weight anad make strides towards your health goals. With weight loss, slow but steady is the way to go, quick- fix solutions are temporary with lots of long-term negative side-effects.

What is your biggest challenge in your weight loss journey and management? Let’s share and work towards health and fitness together.

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