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Midwives Diaries – Stories from maternity wards

Midwives Diaries - Mum appreciates the successful delivery of her baby.

Nothing delivers the reality of birth than witnessing it live. That’s what midwives do in maternity wards. And they have lots of life changing stories to tell through the Midwives Diaries arising from their professional engagements.

Maternity wards are a beehive of activity, we can all agree… In this segment of the Babylove Network Platform you can read numerous stories as told by midwives, based on their real-life encounters in both the labour rooms as well as the maternity wards. Stories do not reveal the identities of the midwives or the patients, in keeping with patient confidentiality. But the originality and authenticity of the stories will deliver to you just what you expect – serious lessons, dos and dont’s that are pretty critical if you are expecting a baby at this time.

How the Midwives Diaries Started

The origins of these features can be traced to Pregnant Magazine, which alongside Babylove Magazine has developed a trust relationship with both parents and midwives over several years. Pregnant Magazine for a long time featured “Diary of a midwife”, which parents found not only interesting but also very useful as they advanced towards their due date.

Eleventh hour mistakes can be fatal…

Last trimester mistakes and last minute negligence can cost a mum her baby – and that is a grave matter indeed; especially the trauma that follows the knowledge that it was avoidable. If for no other reason, please pay some attention to THE MIDWIVES DIARIES. And learn what these first line care-givers observe in the labour rooms and maternity wards as they administer maternity care.

A great learning resource – FREE of charge…

So there you have it!  Examine both joyous and challenging situations that have occurred and what could have been done better. This great learning resource for pregnant mums and their partners, or those planning to conceive, awaits you, FREE of charge, over here > THE MIDWIVES DIARIES


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