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This year has been the first in my entire life that I actually cared about participating in. By this, I mean that I set goals and actually accomplished each one of them. I did a number of things this year that scared the living daylights out of me but excited me at the same time. I have created a brand, written almost 90 articles, created a free course that almost 2,000 students enrolled in, created 2 events where I have been the speaker and facilitator, and now, I have the wonderful privilege of contributing my work to you, the esteemed reader at Baby Love Network, all in one year!

It may sound like I am bragging, but I am really just using my experience this year as an example of sorts.

Many of us started 2014 with a lot of wonderful intentions. We were excited about the resolutions we set. In January, I saw many Facebook updates with declarations like “This is my year!” and I was truly excited for everyone. The positive energy is palpable at the beginning of each year. Everyone has certain hopes and dreams, and the determination to finally reach them. But as the days turn into weeks, and the weeks into months, we settle into our same old routines and patterns, and all but forget the goals we set for ourselves. So what happens? Well from my experience this year, I can tell you one thing: goals have no souls!

That is a pretty extreme statement to make, especially because I started this article off with the fact that I achieved all the goals I set for myself, but do read on.

What are the usual goals we always seem to want to conquer? The most common ones are usually:-
– Losing weight and eating healthier
– Saving more money and spending less
– Spending quality time with the family
– Starting a business
– Going back to school
– Quitting a bad habit (smoking, excess drinking, etc)

Look at the list I’ve made up there. Is there anything really inspiring about these goals? I’d say no. They are great of course, but when you look at them, they all look like extra work you have to do. You may start your goals with all the enthusiasm in the world, but soon enough, it starts to die off. Why? Because a goal is just a goal. It is empty. It is simply a statement of what you want to do, and this will not get you to where you want to go, because a goal should never be your motivating force alone.

What you need is a Push Factor!
You might ask what a Push Factor is. It is just as it sounds: a force that will push you, no matter what your circumstances, to the goal you want to achieve! It is your deeply emotional and compelling reason WHY you want to accomplish your goal. Your push factor is your vision. It is not about just losing weight anymore, or starting that business, or quitting a bad habit. Now, you ask yourself questions like

  1. Why do I want to accomplish this goal?
  2. Why do things have to change for me this year.
  3. What am I sick and tired of doing and being over and over again? What is no longer working for me that simply must be replaced this year?
  4. What are the consequences if I decide to not pursue my goal?
  5. What will be the results if I do decide to pursue this goal?

These are the questions I asked myself in November 2013. I was honestly frustrated with my life. I felt like for the last 4 years before then, I had re-lived each day over and over again, life passing me by as I went through the same old routine, going to work every morning and getting home every evening, waiting for Fridays only to dread Mondays, and re-starting that cycle over and over again. At a certain point, I realized that if I kept this up, then one day I would wake up, a 60 year old frustrated and unhappy woman, full of regrets because I took no chances, played it safe and played it small. Something had to change!

I declared that my Push Factor this year would be one thing: I just wanted to see what it would be like to have one year that was unlike any other year I had ever experienced before, and boy has this been a phenomenal year for me. 2014 has shown me that there is nothing that I cannot do, and that all limitations have been in my head all along.

What about yourself? 2 months from now, 2014 will come to an end. The year will end with you either in denial of the things that you could have done that you did not do, or with a sense of satisfaction, because you know you did the very best you could. If you are the former, my question to you is, do you want yet another year to pass by without experiencing who you know you really are?

I truly believe that many of us are too afraid to experience what we are really like in all our light and colour. If we saw us the way God sees us, then we would realize how badly we have been treating ourselves, how much we have limited ourselves from our highest truth, and how much power we truly possess to change the lives that we have right now.

As a person, a colleague, a friend, a family member and especially as a parent, you not only possess the power to reach your highest version of yourself, it is also your responsibility to do so! You were put on this earth to do and become a lot more than what and who you think you are right now. I may not know you, but trust me when I tell you that you are capable of more than you ever dreamt possible for you. But you have never really given yourself a chance!

So what’s it going to be? Are you going to let 2014 die off as you wait for 2015 to come and go like all the other years, or are you going to take your destiny into your own hands? The choice is ultimately up to you. Always remember, that whether you think you can, or you cannot, either way, you are right!

Sheila is a dedicated enthusiast and student of life who sees the potential each one of us has to achieve our dreams and aspirations. She helps people identify the factors that will push them to greatness and creating their happiest life. She is found on info@yourpushfactor.com / http://yourpushfactor.com

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