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Marital Bliss!

Pen Weddings  

Ectopic Pregnancy — how to handle it

The doctor says the pregnancy is ectopic – meaning the fetus is developing outside the uterus. What to do? Watch/listen to Jessica Leitexo’s real life story.

Janet Kanini – Brave fight with DVT and Cancer

You might have read Keeping up with Janet Kanini Ikua…, a powerful blog that revealed the real fighter spirit in the late Janet Kanini. This enviable and lovely lady is an inspiration to many, on how to face adversity and even death. For those on the verge of giving up – whatever your reason – Janet [...]

12 Teenager habits that make parents really sick!

We all agree that the graduation of a child into a teenager brings forth both joy and…. Yes indeed, some teenager habits can throw a parent into the down low. Many exhibit silent teenage rebellion against their parents. Managing teenagers is not your usual “I’m on top of this” kind of thing. Teen habits can [...]

Muthoni Njoba’s Diary at 22 – Pregnant, jobless, ashamed

Muthoni Njoba was 22, fresh from campus, jobless and 3 months pregnant. She wrote in her diary…”About 2 weeks ago I was sitting in a cubicle in the ladies room at the Village Market waiting for the red strips to appear. I had been to a movie alone; the movies was ‘In pursuit of happiness.’ I [...]